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Inspire Investments

Hands-Off Property Investing

We offer a bespoke and hands-off property sourcing solution. Providing you with quality property investments that produce great financial returns.

Your Goals And Your Strategy:

You can only buy the right properties once you’re clear on your goals and strategy.
​That’s why we refuse to sell you a single investment opportunity until we’ve personally spoken to you and talked about what you want to achieve.
After our Strategy Consultation, we will be able to source and secure the best properties to suit your requirements.

Supporting You To Achieve Your Investing Goals

Professional Advice
We offer professional and honest advice that you can trust when it comes to property investing.

Beat the Bank
Why keep money stuck in the bank earning barely 1% interest when we can provide returns from circa 8% upwards.

Large Coverage‏
We aren't limited to a certain area or postcode which means we are able source great property investments no matter what.

About Us

We are a UK property investment company that love to share our expert knowledge to help you take empowering decisions with ease and confidence. We know most investors are busy hardworking individuals so we listen to their requirements and provide a bespoke service to suit.

What We Do

  1. Book your 90 minutes one-to-one strategy meeting where we can clarify your needs, wants and goals.
    We will also give you an understanding of how we source an investment property and how we analyse the deal. We want you to have this knowledge so you can have confidence and trust in the property investments we present to you.
  2. Once you have signed the paperwork and are happy to proceed, we then go out and find properties that match your strategy.
  3. We will present you with potential investments and explain the benefits and numbers for each one. Once you are 100% happy, you secure the deal and we begin to manage the whole process for you.
  4. We manage the whole process from start to finish and can even let the property out for you so all you have to do is enjoy your great returns.