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5 ways to avoid scaring off buyers at Christmas

1. Kerb appeal

Some people go all out when it comes to Christmas lights and inflatables outside their home, and some of the creations are so magical it attracts people to just come and walk by. But how does your external décor look during the day when inflatables may be deflated and your home is not as sparkly? Although buyers will appreciate the effort you have made, it will also impact on your home’s kerb appeal and could make it hard for them to fall in love at first sight. So, just be conscious of how your décor may distract a buyer – you may wish to do a couple of adjustments before a viewing.

2. Decoration overload

Just as your exterior decorations can be overwhelming, the same can be said for the interior of your home. Your home could be filled with a crazy abundance of lights, nutcrackers, baubles and
garlands, and we are not here to judge your choices, but we do want you to see how it could cloud a buyer’s decision making. If you are welcoming viewings over the festive season, a more simple approach works best, one that enhances rather than hides your home’s features. It can be difficult to see room proportions when a space is filled to the brim.

3. Overpowering scents

Have you ever been somewhere where the aroma was so overwhelming you felt like you could actually taste it. We all have different tolerances to scents, as well as different tastes. You may love the smell of pine at this time of year and add fragrant candles and diffusers to add to create a festive atmosphere. But not everyone will like the scent of pine, and artificial scents are not always subtle and often become overpowering. You don’t want buyers leaving your home with the lasting memory of how it smelled rather than how it felt. This is why it is best to stick to natural scents rather than artificial ones.

4. Baby it’s cold outside

The temperature has certainly dropped over the last couple of weeks, and buyers are looking for a home that will keep them warm. No one wants to view a property that is colder inside than out! We know the cost of living crisis is going to play a part in how and when you warm your home, but think about what you can do to try to make your home feel cosy when a viewing is taking place. You want buyers to see themselves living there, not worrying about how cold they would be in the winter.

5. Be clear on viewings

You want to make your home as available as possible for viewings, but there will be times and days when you will have plans in place. It is great to let your estate agent know your availability in advance so they can pass this information on to buyers. This will stop the frustrations of back-and- forth when organising a suitable time to view your property. Also think about cancelling or changing appointments too often, as this also can scare off buyers and they will take their interest elsewhere.

Warm their hearts
If you are selling your property over Christmas, allow your home to be seen and not overshadowed by the festivities. Make your home one that buyers will be singing: All I want for Christmas, is you!!
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