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Chain Reaction: Take the stress out of buying and selling

Chain reaction: take the stress out of buying and selling

I was recently asked what was the biggest property chain I’ve found myself working in?

Four years ago our office had a chain with 12 properties involved.

That’s 13 buyers (more if they are couples), 12 surveyors, 13 solicitors and countless chances for the deals to fall flat.

We got that deal over the line pretty smoothly with our vendor even saying they felt it wouldn’t have gone through without us.

How did we do it? Well, a good estate agent will have all the names and contact details of everyone involved in the chain.

Then it’s all about keeping on top of things, regularly chasing solicitors or surveyors, speaking with mortgage companies and liaising with clients. Daily if needs be.

At Inspire we a have panels of surveyors, solicitors and removal companies we recommend. Not because we get anything out of it but we know without a doubt that they are all honest, efficient, pro active and professional.

We do everything we can to make a chain run as stress free as possible. It’s usually a lot of hard work but that’s just one of the reasons why we’re regarded so highly by clients we’ve worked for and with.

We also have an experienced and dedicated sales progressor who liaises with everyone involved, keeping you updated along the way!  This has enabled us to achieve a fall through rate of 20.5% in 2016, compared to a recorded national fall through rate of 28% for the UK.