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Do you have a property vision for 2020?

It’s about this time of year we start seeing the start of festive offerings popping up in supermarket aisles.

And it’s not uncommon for TV channels to begin sneaking in Christmas themed adverts.

The ‘get in early’ approach from shops and websites has even been given a name – Christmas Creep.

It sounds like someone you would want to avoid during an office party.

The bottom line is that the start of October means there are just over 10 weeks until Christmas Day and a little more than 11 weeks before we welcome in 2020.

That may seem likes loads of time if you are looking for a gift for a loved one who you daren’t forget or planning a New Year’s Eve party to remember.

But many people looking to sell up and move home at this time of year have two visions in mind and time is very much of the essence.

The first is to be in their new home by Christmas.

The second is to start the new year – 2020 – in a new place.

Statistics show the average time of year to sell a home from the first day of marketing to legal completion is around 16-18 weeks.

So, if your home isn’t already on the market being in a new place for Christmas will be a challenge, although not impossible.

Celebrating the first weeks of 2020 in your new abode is achievable when you have the right agent working for you.

To give yourself the best possible chance of welcoming in a new year in a new home, consider these tips.

  • Call three local estate agents at the start of October to visit your property and give you a valuation.
  • Don’t fall into the trap of instructing the cheapest agent. Ask the agents how they will market your property, what’s their plan to get you moved within your timeframe and ask for comparable evidence of the valuation they provide.
  • When time is a key factor instructing a good conveyancing solicitor is vital as they will need to keep on top of the legalities. We’d be delighted to recommend ones we use and trust.
  • Throughout your property journey, the right agent will keep in constant contact with you to ensure everything is progressing well. This feeds back to our second point. Agencies that charge rocket bottom fees often deliver poor quality service with communication a victim of their price cutting.

So just like those displays for Christmas goodies and adverts promising magical moments it pays to prepare early and think ahead if you want to turn your property visions into a reality.

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