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Five Tips to Avoid a House of Horrors

This infamous five will have prospective buyers fleeing your property as quickly as if they bumped into Freddy Kruger in your bathroom!

But fear not as we have a treat for you this Halloween and we’ll show you simple fixes for these problems.

  1. Smell Hell – Whether it’s an unchanged cat litter, fish in a bin, damp used towels in the laundry basket or simply stale air, bad smells put people off quicker than almost anything else. TREAT: Open the windows before viewings, clean up all the above and more, use very light incense and / or a natural smelling room air freshener.
  1. DIY Doom – Buyers don’t want to inherit your doomed Do it Yourself projects. TREAT: Fix those niggly little things that you haven’t got around to. The missing bathroom tile, the unpainted feature wall and if you haven’t got the time or skill to do it call in a handy person to sort it out.
  1. Weird Walls – If your choice of wall colours is a bit ‘out there’ it may put buyers off. Some people don’t have the imagination to see what the place would be like with a new colour scheme more to their taste. TREAT: Consider changing it to something neutral. You may think it’s boring but if you are serious about selling your house it’s these things that make a big difference.
  1. Messy Monsters – We know you’re busy, and if the kids are small there are bound to be some mess. We understand and sympathise with you, but many buyers don’t. General untidiness has people spinning on their heels as if they’ve seen Casper the Ghost himself. TREAT: Simple, tidy up before every viewing. It’s even a chore you can get the kids involved with by making it a game and remember when you’re cleaning you are also keeping fit.
  1. Garden Ghouls – A very unkempt garden will scare away people. Especially the front garden which is the buyers first physical view of the property if they spotted the home online. TREAT: Mow the lawns, tidy away garden clutter, jet wash patios if possible and think about how your property looks to a buyer.

So, there you have it folks, if you use our treats you’ll turn your property from a house of horrors to a must have home.

Thanks for reading and happy Halloween.