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How a Kitchen Can Increase the Value of Your House

Home improvements can often be time consuming and expensive. You may need to focus on just one area of the house if you’re looking for an instant boost to the property value without a complete overhaul.

If resources allow you to improve only one area of your home for the sake of boosting its value, we’d recommend that you make it the kitchen. A surefire way to increase the value of your property is through a kitchen design update. In fact, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors have stated that a well designed kitchen can easily add as much as 4% the property value.

The kitchen is one of the primary common areas in the house where inhabitants spend a lot of their time.  It is no longer just a functional space for cooking, and is often thought of as the focal point of a home. Kitchens are frequently used as a space for relaxing, working and socialising.

Read on to learn how redesigning a kitchen can add to the value of your home:

You can add some essential extra storage space to your house

Most buyers are keen to invest in a property that has more than enough storage space for their current and future needs. And a kitchen is one of the primary areas where storage is essential. This is especially true for a family home.

Many kitchens in the UK fall short of providing adequate storage space. Redesign your kitchen to add more cupboard and drawer space into any unused spaces or corners. Additional shelving can also easily be added into cupboards to offer buyers more space for their appliances and food items.

You can spruce up the kitchen to improve the look of a room that easily gets worn with frequent usage

Over the course of time, many elements within a kitchen start to look tired or dated. For instance, the kitchen tiles and the surfaces can get extremely worn as time goes by. Updating these elements by giving your kitchen a facelift is a cost effective way of making your home look more modern and clean. A total renovation may not be required in many cases to increase the value.

Updating the kitchen tiles, adding in new worktop surfaces, and new doors and handles can improve the quality of a kitchen without the need for major work. For any new installations and equipment, choose those that have a timeless and classic look so that they don’t become outdated as quickly. Opt for surfaces that are hard wearing and easy to clean.

Make sure that the work surfaces are generous and enable efficiency

Let’s not forget that the primary function of a kitchen is to cook and prepare food,. You need to ensure that your kitchen has the optimum layout to help inhabitants do so with ease and efficiency. Ensure that the design allows easy access between the sink, the fridge, and the cooker.

Many kitchen redesign suppliers will be able to offer you a free consultation and advice on how you can best make use of your kitchen space.

Ensure that the investment into your new kitchen matches the current value of your house

Make sure that your kitchen renovations match the price bracket of your house. For instance, don’t bring down the value of a £1 million property by installing a £10,000 kitchen. Similarly, investing £25,000 into the kitchen of a £250,000 house will mean you’re unlikely to see that investment back. When setting the budget of your kitchen’s redesign, keep your property value in mind.

Make sure the lighting within your kitchen is adequate

Lighting can often be overlooked as an element that can impact property value. It’s a quick and simple way to make your kitchen look better and function better. Lighting can be added under kitchen units quite cost effectively to bring light to shadowy corners. Additional lighting can also brighten up your kitchen to make it look more spacious.

Choosing attractive lighting fixtures can be an easy way to make your kitchen look more stylish. The right lighting scheme can also create a better atmosphere in any room.