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How do you secure tha elusive property?

With interest rates at record lows, simply stashing money in the bank is no longer an option for many people.  Investing in property looks more attractive compared to the high risks associated with stock market volatility.  Properties are selling fast, prices are increasing making it an exciting time to be investing in property or buying your first home.  But it's not all plain sailing, this new optimism in the property market has led to an army of investors and an influx of first-time buyers jumping on the Help to Buy wagon, all competing for the few properties that are coming to the market.

The question is how do you manage to jump the queue to secure that elusive property?  The simple answer is hard work!  You need to begin by getting up really early and searching internet sites like Rightmove or Zoopla.  Rather than scrolling through all the properties that you have previously dismissed, search for properties that have been added in the last 24 hours and do this every day.  You want to be the first one calling the estate agent in the morning arranging your viewing and booking a viewing as quickly as you can.  Don't make the mistake of waiting for the weekend, if you have a lunch break and work nearby, use it!  You also need to network.  Pick 5 agents who regularly take on properties in the areas you are looking in and build a relationship with a negotiator in the office.  Now is the time to switch off the I-pad and make some traditional face to face contact.  An estate agent will remember your personality, not an e-mail lead!  Once you have built this relationship make sure it grows, call once a week, always ask for the same person and remind them what you are looking for.  This way when a new property comes to the market you get the first call from your friendly negotiator as your name jumps out from the crowd.

On the viewing go armed with the research of similar properties that have sold recently.  Now you know if the property is pitched at the right price and if you feel it offers the full asking price.  Make sure you have your finances in place.  An estate agent can not recommend your offer if they do not know your financial capability to proceed.  Finally, it's vital to appoint a good conveyancer who knows the local area.  If your conveyancer is no good you could end up losing your property at the final hurdle wasting all your hard work.