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How Much? Some of The UK's Most Expensive Homes

The following four properties must have been snapped up by people in seriously great financial positions and with budgets that are pretty much out of this world. They rank as some of the UK’s most expensive pads.

Hamilton Terrace, St John’s Wood, London £32,000,000

Got £32m spare? Great. This 7-bedroom detached house in one of London’s best streets boasts an underground swimming pool, steam room, massage parlour and a huge tree lined garden.

1 Hyde Park, Knightsbridge, London £65,000,000

£65m for a flat! Well it’s certainly not any old flat. This 5 bedroom ‘apartment’ is sandwiched between London’s Hyde Park and the ultra swanky Knightsbridge neighbourhood. So, you won’t need Uber to get you to some of the best restaurants and shops in town.

Cannon Place, Hampstead, London | £30,000,000

Fancy rubbing shoulders with pop stars, footballers and old money aristocrats?

Well now you can and all for just £30m. It’s a listed property so be mindful about putting in new windows! Seriously though this property stands out among others in area where multi-million price marks for homes are the norm.

It’s only a short walk to Hampstead Heath so if you enjoy a jog, or have a dog, this could be the place for you. (Euro millions jackpot permitting.)

Loch Craignish, Argyll and Bute, Scotland Offers over £2,500,000

It’s not just London that boasts eye wateringly priced properties.

This remote, totally private island has a surrounding loch, two houses, a helicopter hangar, boat house, your own private beaches, sea fishing and even planning permission (which in our experience is always handy).

Thankfully for buyers in Crawley prices are far more affordable.

Unless of course you want gold plated taps, door handles, a basement discotheque and a drying room. Seriously, one multi-million-pound property boasted a room next to a gigantic bathroomwhere people would be automatically dried by the equivalent of a giant hair dryer. Crazy.

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