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Is a Crawley Estate Agents Valuation the True Value?

Prospective sellers usually contact a number of estate agents in Crawley to value their house because Estate Agents usually provide free valuations. It is common to invite three agents around and then most sellers simply opt for the highest valuation. You MUST ask yourself the question though, is this really the right value?

It is very easy for an estate agent to make a client very happy, simply providing them with a high figure; but it is usually these flattering high figures that lead to disappointment with the estate agent. It is a well kept secret that many estate agents get paid a bonus simply by gaining instructions to sell your property, regardless if they successfully go on to sell it!

So how do you decide which estate agent to choose?

Firstly you want to find out the valuers experience. It is often inexperienced valuers who opt to tell clients what they want to hear rather than what the real value is? The estate agents valuer should be able to back up his valuation with recently sold comparable properties in the same area. You should also be playing close attention to their service, how they market properties, where they advertise, if they accompany viewings and most importantly ask how long they want to tie you into a contract. Any estate agent that is looking for a contract of in excess of 12 weeks is clearly not confident in their ability to secure a sale on your property.

Additionally and probably most importantly don't just choose an estate agent that promises the world and tells you how good they are! Find an estate agent that you like, who listens to you and most importantly you TRUST! One who has integrity and demonstrates the ability not only to find you a buyer, but to look after you sale once an offer has been achieved and keeps you informed every step of the way; which in turn reduces the stress of the home moving process.

I trust many of you reading this article may of experienced the over valuation tactic before and now recognise that a high value from a local estate agents doesn't mean a good quality service.