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Landlords do you know the boundaries of your property?

A new ruling has been passed stating that a landlord has a legal duty to ensure that the rented ‘home’ of the tenant(s) and its exterior are maintained in a good and safe state.

In the recent case of Edwards vs. Kumarasamy the landlord was ordered to pay compensation to a tenant who fell over a paving stone that was not level and was injured whilst on his way to the communal bins.

The ruling on the case now means that landlords are liable to pay compensation even in areas outside the property that they do not own. These areas include any area that the landlord has a right of access to, a private drive for the property and communal areas in blocks of flats etc.

It is Lettings agents and landlord responsibility to be aware of this as it is their duty ensure outside areas are maintained.

This ruling shows the importance of quarterly inspections to highlight any issues in or around the property.