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Love will tear us apart again

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day so we thought it would be heartless of us to not talk about love.

For some of you this time of year is about being treated to a slap up romantic meal with an accompaniment of chocolate and flowers.

For others it’ll be a time of sitting in the front room watching EastEnders with a TV dinner on your lap while your dog looks at you dismissively.

Whatever you are up to this February 14th at Inspire we can give you one piece of romantic advice. And that’s to try to emotionally divorce yourself from your property when you come to put in on the market.

Why be so cold hearted?

Well, a lot of people love their homes, probably the majority of people do. But when selling your home that passion can cause a problem if left to run free.

You see viewers do not have the same attachment to your property as you do, yours could be the fifth they’ve seen in two hours.

They may pick up something negative about your property that your love struck eyes have never noticed. Your choice of décor might not be to their taste but don’t take this to heart.

It’s very important you don’t get emotional at this point. Of course nobody likes themselves or their things being criticised but that’s where we come in as agents.

In essence we are property match-makers. We bring people together: one selling a property, the other buying. We’re in the middle to help iron out any issues before you marry, sorry I mean exchange contacts and complete the transaction.

Part of our job is also to accompany people on viewings and act as the filter for comments. So a viewer might have said your pale purple bathroom is the most horrific thing she’s ever seen in her life but we’ll make sure that won’t get back to you. See agents can be tactful and diplomatic.

I’ve witnessed on several occasions a person falling in love with a property at first sight and making an offer within minutes. I’ve also been present on viewings when a person has gone back FIVE times to look around before they made their offer. It just goes to show that you really can’t hurry love (sometimes).

One thing I’m very confident is that if you instruct Inspire to buy or let your property your fall head over heels with our level of service and care.

Thanks for reading.