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Preparing your property before marketing can make a difference on the sale price you achieve

It really does make a difference if you prepare your property before placing it on the market!  At Inspire Estate Agents we always advise clients that first impressions count - a house which sparkles on the surface will sell quicker than the competition that looks shabby, even though they are both structurally maintained.

You don't have to spend a fortune on expensive items like replacing a bathroom suite as you will struggle to get the cost back unless of course you can do it yourself!  Focus on the inexpensive improvements like resealing around the bath and cleaning the grout to freshen the bathroom up!  If you are not sure pick up the phone and give us a call, we will be more than happy to advise, or work your way through these top eight tips below

1) Curb appeal is vital - mow the lawn so it looks neat, put up a hanging basket, paint the front door so it looks appealing and close the garage door.  If your buyer doesn't like the outside then they won't come inside

2) Make sure the house is clean- clean the house from top to bottom, and keep it that way for all viewings, if you are busy then consider hiring a cleaner once a week while you are trying to sell

3) De-clutter - one of the cheapest and most effective methods to help sell your property.  Pack up stuff you don't use regularly and place in the loft.  If you are a hoarder take the brave decision to take some trips to the dump or car boot sales if you have the time.  Make sure those kitchen work surfaces are clear, that you can walk through the hallway and In the bathroom remove cosmetics and cleaning products

4) Pet Owners - if you have dogs take them out for a walk a many people are scared and won't concentrate on your house.  Also make sure your house is pet odour free, this can be really off putting.

5) Natural light is vital - Open all curtains and window blinds, take down those nets and let the light flood in.  If bulbs have blown have them replaced.

6) Get out the paint brush - look at any walls that have grubby hand marks out excessive scuffing, holes and cracks in the wall need filling and stained ceilings defiantly need paining.  Keep the colour neutral and light.

7) Flooring - buyers always notice the floor so if the carpet is stained have them professionally cleaned or if they are worn and fraying have them replaced

8) Stage the house - make sure every room has a meaning- make the beds with modern duvets, this will help for the photographs as well.

9) Smell - The house should smell nice not of yesterdays diner or last nights cigarettes!  the smell of fresh bread is amazing