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Protect Yourself from Gazumping and Gazundering in Crawley property market 

Wondering how to avoid being gazumped or gazundered when buying or selling a property? At Inspire Estate Agents, we work closely with customers in Crawley and the surrounding areas to ensure a smooth buying and selling process. Our goal is to help you safeguard against common pitfalls like gazumping and gazundering, which can cost you thousands of pounds. 

What is Gazumping and Gazundering? 

Gazumping happens when someone makes a higher offer for a house after an offer has already been accepted, leading the initial buyer to lose the property. Gazundering occurs when a buyer lowers their offer just before exchanging contracts, pressuring the seller to accept a lower price. Both practices are legal but can cause significant stress and financial loss. 

According to Gazeal more than 300,000 house sales fall through due to gazumping or gazundering, which causes home movers to lose £3,337 on average due to a sale collapsing.  

Top Tips to Avoid Gazumping and Gazundering 

  1. Get Organized 
  • Engage a surveyor, mortgage broker, and solicitor early to speed up the process and reduce the risk of complications or changes of mind. 
  1. Take the Property Off the Market 
  • Ask the seller to stop showing the property to others, reducing the chance of receiving higher offers. 
  1. Request a Lock-Out Agreement 
  • Secure an agreement where the seller commits not to seek or accept other offers for a set period. 

Gazeal: A Solution to Prevent Gazumping and Gazundering 

Gazeal offers a service to help prevent gazumping and gazundering. By preparing key legal documents and sharing property information upfront, Gazeal ensures buyers are well-informed before making an offer. This approach reduces the risk of the deal collapsing and provides greater peace of mind. 

Gazeal claim that through their service there is a 95 per cent success rate of a house sale, when it generally ranges between 65 per cent and 75 per cent success when you sell a property.   

Contact Inspire Estate Agents 

For more advice on protecting yourself from gazumping and gazundering, contact Inspire Estate Agents. Call us at 01293 582333 or email 

By following these tips and considering Gazeal's service, you can navigate the Crawley real estate market with confidence and security.