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Protecting Your Pets During the Firework Season

The build up and festivities around Bonfire Night can be a lot of fun.

But it’s not all excited gasps at whooshing rockets and delighted squeals at the site of spinning Catherine Wheels lighting up the night sky.

For many pets and animals this is THE worst time of year.

At Inspire we love animals (apart from Matt, who is allergic to fur). So, when we came across this great advice from the RSPCA we thought it was totally worth sharing.

The article said an estimated 45 percent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks. But there are some things you can try to help your furry friends.

Here’s what the RSPCA suggested:

Walking dogs during daylight hours to avoid times when fireworks are likely to be set off

Close windows and curtains to muffle the sound of fireworks

Put on some music or tv to mask the firework sounds

Create a quiet space where your dog can feel in control

Create some hiding places around your home

The report even included a link to a useful video which is below:

The RSPCA also gave advice for other animal owners.


Provide hiding places in your home

Cats can become more stressed if they’re outside during fireworks

Microchip your cats in case they’re startled and escape outside

Small animals

Partly cover outside cages and pens with blankets so an area is soundproofed and hidden, but allow another area for the animals to look out

Provide bedding small animals can burrow in

Consider bringing them indoors – this will need to be done gradually so plan ahead


It’s not just animals in the home that can fear fireworks - horses can be too.

If you have a horse out in a field, check locally to see if there are going to be any firework displays in your area that may affect them.

For some animals the fear is so great it becomes a phobia. If you think your pet may have firework phobia contact a vet for advice.

We hope you, your family and indeed your pets have a safe, scare free, fireworks evening.

Thanks for reading.