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Sell your property in the summer or stay put until the autumn?

It is a widely viewed that the housing market is very seasonal and this is certainly true at Christmas when the last thing on people's minds is looking to buy a new home. However many agents argue the same of the summer holidays but my own recent experiences at Inspire Estate Agents beg to differ. The last two years has seen the summer months of July and August deliver our strongest sales months of the year in Crawley.

The sunny weather and long bright evening after all are much more conductive for viewings than the dark evenings and grey sky's of winter. Some Estate Agents have moved along with the times as well and recommend they accompany all viewings; so whilst you are away enjoying you well earned break; we can still show around prospective buyers around so you avoid missing out on a potential sale. Communications are also easy with e-mail and text messaging, so your estate agent can contact you regarding an offer wherever you are on holiday.

So is summer a good time to sell? It certainly is no longer the downtime in the property market it once was and with the fragile economy we find ourselves in who knows what bad news is around the corner. In an industry where consumer confidence is vital, those summer days certainly bring back the feel good factor. At Inspire Estate Agents, Crawley- our motto is that if you want to move don't delay; there really is no need to wait until the kids have gone back to school.