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Six tips for a sizzling summer sale

Don’t rely purely on sunshine and a ‘nice weather’ feel good factor to sell your home this summer. At Inspire we’ve come up with six super summer tips to get you moving in the right direction when it comes to marketing your property in the sunnier months.

1: Open the windows

Open the windows and air the house. Viewers are put off by stale smells. When a house is allowed breathing space it always smells better and often feels better to.

2 The great outdoors

If you have a garden get it looking neat, tidy and somewhere that potential buyers will want to sit with a glass of chilled wine on a warm evening. Don’t forget to get your front garden looking as good as your back.

3 Keep a clear hall way

After your front door and front garden the hallway is the second point of reference your viewers have. Impress them with a clean, neutrally coloured and clutter free space which they’ll feel good going through en route to the home’s other rooms.

4 Make it easy for the viewer

We often hear people say things like ‘this used to be our dining room, but now it’s a temporary study’. The implication is for viewers to use their imaginations and envisage the file-filled, book laden room as a place where their family can eat and entertain. Wrong. When you put your house on the market give each room a clear purpose. In this instance change the ‘study’ back to being a dining room and don’t leave it up to the viewer’s imagination.

5 Smells sell

It’s important to be mindful of odours especially in the summer months when hot weather brings its own challenges. Keep bins out of the way if possible, buy some of the better air fresheners out on the market and remember point 1.

6 Windows to the world

Viewers are drawn to windows during the summer. They’ll like to look out at your garden or what parking is like or just check out how clean your windows are. So keep them as clean as possible inside and out and don’t clutter your window sills either.

Summer is a busy time for viewers and a great opportunity for you to sell your home quickly and for a price you’ll be delighted with. At Inspire we believe if you follow these tips and our expert advice you won’t put a foot wrong.

Thanks for reading.