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The Best Money Saving Apps for Homeowners

Technology can be a pain in the backside.

When it goes wrong we all tend to get frustrated and stressed.

Social media can be a drain on our time and attention. Does anyone really have the perfect lives portrayed by some on Facebook?

But technology is certainly not all bad. In fact, it can make you healthier, happier and wealthier if you use it wisely.

There lots of apps out there which are brilliant and can help you change your life for the better.

In this article we will flag up four apps which can save homeowners and tenants money.

Here’s our favourites in no order.


A money saving app which lets customers easily track their spending via a pre-paid Mastercard. Well worth looking into.


This handy app will help you keep on top of your budgeting and is simple to use.


The makers of this app claim it can save you hundreds of pounds a year.

The website tracks all your regular payments like your bills and subscriptions to services like Netflix and Spotify and alerts you too where you can get a better deal.

It also aims to encourage millions of households who are stuck on expensive energy deals and have never swapped provider.


Imagine if you could save automatically? How great would that be?

Well this app does just that by working out how much available money you have left and what can be sent to a designated saving account.

Again, it’s certainly worth looking at.

You can find out more about all the above apps by searching Google. (Where else?)

When it comes to saving money on estate agency fees the answer might sound counter-intuitive.

Cheap agents tend to deliver cheap, flawed service which often costs you more than a reasonably priced, professional and experienced agency like us at Inspire.

Thanks for reading and happy saving,