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When do you need apply for probate?


If you’re looking to buy or sell in Crawley, the process could involve probate if a someone has died and their property needs to be sold.

When you’re selling a property it can be emotional and challenging due to the death of a family member. When you’re buying it might seem like it’s taking a long time for the sale to go through and it might not be fully clear what probate is.

In both cases, it’s important to know when you need to apply for probate and what the process is.

When do you need to apply for probate?

Probate is the formal permission needed to deal with someone’s estate, basically their property, money, and possessions, when they die.

If you are named in the deceased person’s will as an executor, you can apply for probate. But even if they didn’t leave a will, depending on your relationship to them, you can apply to become the administrator of the estate. In most cases, you will need legal permission to sell their property, hence the need to apply for probate. You’ll a need a solicitor to help you with this process.

How long does it take?

Applying for probate can take between four and eight weeks with the support of a solicitor. However, you can market a property for sale during this time as you await the granting of probate.

You will not be able to complete the sale of the property until probate has been granted. Don’t worry if you’re still feeling unsure of things. This is where a good solicitor, allied to working with a reputable estate agent like Inspire Estate Agents can be hugely beneficial and reduce any stresses you may have.

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