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Buying a unique home: things you need to consider

Understanding the true meaning of “unique”
What do we mean by a unique home? This is more than just some fancy tiles or a couple of
odd corners. When we say unique homes, we mean those absolute finds that totally stand
out from your usual bricks and mortar. It’s a house that used to be a chocolate factory, or an
apartment with more angles than a geometry book. Houses that are architectural are loved
and loathed due to their unusual style or interiors so dramatic that you don’t know where to
look next. Those homes that have got stories to tell, from their walls to their wonky windows.

Does the idea of a castle like Beaubush Castle in Crawley or a houseboat sound idyllic but the thought of swaying gently as you sleepmakes you queasy? Being unique doesn't automatically mean it's a perfect match for everyone. Sometimes, the charm is all about the novelty, and it's easy to get swept up in the dream without thinking if it's really right for you.

Checking out the practical bits
Unique homes capture our imagination, and that makes us excited about their possibilities,
but you also have to consider the practicalities of living there. All houses come with their
quirks; old houses in particular may have structural or plumbing and electrical issues. Fixing
and maintaining these can come at a cost, one higher than you might expect, so you need to
factor these costs in before you make an offer. With many people working from home, you
need to check the Wi-Fi in the area – does it meet your needs?

Unusual interiors can often cause issues; a spiral staircase may enhance the look of the
space, but have you thought about how you will get furniture up it? What about the layout of
the home? Does this work for your family and way of living? Does it provide you with the
space and flexibility you need? Do your due diligence: get those surveys sorted, maybe even
have a conversation with the neighbours. You don’t want the excitement and passion for a
property to turn into a nightmare.

Unique homes need niche buyers
You've fallen head over heels for this wonderfully unique home and its abundance of
character. But, before you rush in and buy, think about the long game. These standout
homes are not everyone's cup of tea. Think about the future and when you could potentially
be ready to move on. Your passion for your property may not be reciprocated, and that pool
of buyers is more of a puddle. Unique homes attract a certain kind of buyer, someone who
gets why a built-in slide from the bedroom to the kitchen is genius, not bonkers. The sale
may be swift, but it may possibly take a lot longer to find the buyer who understands your
property like you do. It is essential that you consider this now, before you make the leap to
purchase such a home yourself.

Enjoy the adventure
If you know a unique home is for you, you know it will be basically like stepping onto a
rollercoaster – thrilling, a bit wild, and totally worth it. You're not just buying a place to live in;
you're getting a home packed with personality and tales to tell. It’s the constant surprises of
features, the joy of knowing this fabulous home is actually yours – it’s a passion not a
project. Owning a unique home is a chance to soak up a living experience: whether it's the
history-soaked walls or the eccentric nooks and crannies, there's going to be so much to
love and explore. It's all about embracing the quirks, making memories, and genuinely loving
the space you're in. After all, how many people can say their place is anything but ordinary?

Unique perspective

If you’re looking to buy or sell a unique home in Crawley and surrounds, you want an estate agent who understands the qualities and complexities owning such a property can bring. Give our Inspire team a call on 01293 582335.