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Is this this the solution to the housing crisis?

The Government has repeatedly said that addressing the housing shortage across the UK is one of its number one priorities.

And they are not wrong. The reason property prices are so high is demand is outstripping supply sending prices increasingly up.

We desperately need more homes, and fast.

And we need new ways to solve old, but persistent problems.

And what could be better than stylish, self-building (yes you read that right) and reasonably affordable homes?

A possible answer to the housing crisis could be found in a very clever invention by a British company, Ten-Fold Engineering.

The bright sparks working there have created boxes that literally fold out to become modern looking homes.

The homes are constructed in a factory and are portable, well-built and assemble themselves in just ten minutes. They are pop up homes!

They are being sold in the USA for around £99,000 a unit and we can’t see too many reasons why, with a little imagination and Government backing they couldn’t work over here.

Words don’t do this invention justice so to see the video visit YouTube and search ‘Ten-Foldhouses’.

And be prepared to be amazed.

Let’s hope that some well-paid people in the Government’s Housing Department also check it out and considers innovation such as this, as a step towards solving the property crisis in the UK.

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