Banner for Royal Wedding: The next chapter

Royal Wedding: The next chapter

One of the dreams of a newly married couple is to purchase their first property together.  This is one of the most expensive purchases that they will make and it can be stressful, especially as this may be the first time they have done it and dont know what to expect or the process of buying a property. So to celebrate the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle we have put together a moving planner to keep you updated with what will happen throughout the moving process -

- Meet with a financial advisor and sign mortgage application

- Book survey

- Pay solicitor monies and complete coveyance forms

- Solicitor now applies for searches in relation to your new home

- Searches are received by your solicitor

- Solicitor examines deeds and raises any enquiries

- Solicitor receives enquiries answered by sellers solicitor

- Mortgage offer received

- Solicitor now reports to you with documents for signature

- Arrange suitable move date with removal company

- Contracts exchange with move completion date agreed

- Confirm actual move date with removal company

- Contact utility companies via Inspire

- Contact Post Office for mail re-direct

- Send out change of address notifications

- All documents and completion funds sent to solicitor by lender/bank

- Money received by solicitor from lender/savings