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The key to selling your property

For years I have advised clients that making a great first impression is vital when selling your house. In today's market with internet savy buyers this statement has never been truer. Resource technique (http://www.resourcetechniques.co.uk/index.aspx ) a highly regarded software developer go as far to claim you have 3 seconds to impress, as within 3 seconds people have made their judgement! This has been supported by rightmove who surveyed more than 4000 visitors who visited their site and found that house hunters spend an average of 30 seconds looking at 10 properties, giving each property as little as 3 seconds to decide whether to click on your property.


So what does this highlight? Firstly the front photo must create a great impression! A perfect picture with nice blue sky's will help make a buyers mind up quickly. One of my pet hates is the lazy estate agents that cannot even be bothered to move the green wheelie bins that plight so many estate agents photos in Crawley or a hedge which is so over grown that the house cannot even be seen.

Once the buyer has been tempted to click through to the main details the internal photo's need to sell the property. There nothing worse than a picture of an unmade bed or an overgrown garden. In Rightmove's survey it was interesting to note that the most off putting point for viewers looking online was a dirty bathroom (27.5 per cent) after all this is where you wash!, followed by a dirty kitchen (26.5 per cent) where you eat!

If you are struggling to sell then you seriously need to take a look at how your estate agent is promoting your property, don't just rest on your laurels and assume all estate agents are the same, they clearly are not. At Inspire Estate Agents we understand how to make sure your property stands out from the crowd with eye-catching, professional photography. And for executive homes, we have the details written professionally – ensuring they match the prestige of your property. For more information contact Matthew Cousins now on 01293 582335